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Install Python

Python is a high-level programming language. In order for computers to understand Python, Python language has to be interpreted into a machine language that computers can understand. Therefore, to run a Python program on your computer, you must install the Python interpreter (a combination of compiler and interpreter) on your system first. Python is avaiable for different platforms. They are avaiable to download at Please follow the link to find the installer file for your platform and download the latest version.

  • Windows: Run the downloaded file, accept the default settings or customize your installation, check the box "Add Python to PATH", and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Unix/Linux: run ./configure script, make, and then make install. This will install Python and its library at the standard locations.
  • Mac OS: Mac machines already have Python installed, but it could be out of date. You can go to get the latest version.


Online Python Interpreters

There are online Python interpreters so that you do not have to install Python on your computer. You can code, compile, and run your Python program online. This is one of the kind: can put your program in the coding area and hit the 'Run' button to run the program.